Monday, June 14, 2010

limitations: a salt and lime piece from Jeanette Bonds on Vimeo.
scratch on film animation by jeanette bonds. music by daniel eaton.

‘Limitations’, is a 15 ft film loop of animated scratch, shot not frame-by-frame but in increments, one millimeter at a time. Using only this 15-foot loop, Jeanette created a longer piece, subject to certain rules; the two key rules being that the loop can only be presented in rectangular format; and that the loops, when in motion, cannot touch.


14.7 psi

14.7 psi HD from Jeanette Bonds on Vimeo.
Animation by Jeanette Bonds. Music by Duane Pitre.

14.7 psi’, which is the number of pounds per square inch that pressure increases per 33 feet of diving, is an animation of 100 copies of a single photograph. Jeanette created a hundred layers from a photograph of stars and animated them against each other whilst animating the hues in each layer. Inspired by an underwater experience and with a music track by Duane Pitre, this aims to produce a physical reaction in the spectator.



hb.ihysm.ysada. from Jeanette Bonds on Vimeo.
text animation by jeanette bonds. voices: jeanette bonds and che lopez.

jeanette and che have a late night skype conversation and play 'the letter game'. the first letter of each word is typed, leaving the remaining letters out. the other player has to figure out the entire sentence using only letters given to him/her.

i finished a semester at cal arts. after two weeks without any animation to do, i started getting antsy. i was eager to come up with a weekend project. i listened to the audio recording of che and i bursting out in laughter. the track made me laugh. i wanted to do a lighthearted animation over a weekend, and this was the result.


draft from Jeanette Bonds on Vimeo.
by jeanette bonds. music by duane pitre. photography by james carson allen iii.

a dedication to cartography. this piece was made with three intricate drawings of maps. each line on each map was isolated and animated.